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Architect Black Diamond

Architect Black Diamond
About Terry A. Johansen

Terry Johansen has worked in the construction industry since 1967. Framing and cribbing on commercial and residential projects. In 1973 he enrolled at S.A.I.T. in the Architectural Technologies program. He received two scholarships in the first year and graduated with an honors diploma in 1975.

He began working for a major Calgary home builder directly after finishing S.A.I.T. first as junior draftsman then as chief draftsman. As such he was responsible for design, building plans, and site plan production. In 1979 he began supervising the construction of single family housing. In Woodbine then Erinwoods. In Lincoln Park, he supervised the construction of 25 married quarters for the army. He worked for the Calgary homebuilder until they fell victim to high interest rates, and soft real estate market in 1980.

In 1980 he incorporated Abode Designs in order to continue in home design. He built his own home in 1985 and oversaw 6 projects on a project management basis during the next 15 years. Abode Designs has been an important part of the new home design process since 1980.  He designs about 25 to 30 homes a year ranging from 900 sf to 9,000 sf.  He has achieved a great deal of respect and appreciation from his clients, peers as well as the  contractors, suppliers, estimators, framers etc. that use his plans every day. Over the last 3 decades Abode Designs has become an integral part of the local community with business leadership, supporting amateur sports, charitable works and contributions such as additions to the drop-in center, plans for the high school fieldhouse, and silent auction certificates for local clubs. We continue to be involved in an active, behind the scene, manner in our community.


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