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Information a designer needs to know:

Personal needs:

  • Occupants- children, adults, pets
  • Home style desired- bungalow, bi-level, two storey or split level.
  • Garage- attached or detached, number of bays, size.
  • The architectural appearance you prefer- Tudor, Georgian, the Arts and Craft style, Craftsman and French provincial are traditional and still very popular. Various ranch styles utilizing verandas and timber trim work well in rural settings. 


  • Location – Describe size and shape of the building site. We may need a copy of your survey certificate, legal plan
  • Orientation - which way is north?
  • Grades - How does the ground slope? Is it flat or steep? Which way does it drain? A grade plan may be required.
  • Amenities – Are there trees? Is there a view? Describe the view.

Size & Budget considerations:

  • How much does building a home in your area cost. Ask around, get ballpark cost estimates and do the math. This way you will be able to determine the size of home you can afford. If this is smaller than you think you need, your designer will become even more important as he will be able to make the plan most efficient possible.
  • Hint - It may be wise to stretch your budget in a favorable economy but austerity will prevent being ‘house poor’ in a sagging economy.

Wish List:

  • Create a list of the features you would like to have in your home.
  • Structural items: roofing, siding, foundation type (concrete, composite or wood), stair styles, hall widths
  • Number of bedrooms.  Minimum room sizes, special appliances, window styles, types, sizes, etc.
  • Feature walls, fireplaces, extra laundry or recycling facilities.

Send us the information we need by way of email, pictures, etc. and we will be well on the way to providing you with the plans you need.

Architect Black Diamond


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